All staff are fully vaccinated

We take pride in every member’s qualifications, experiences, and capabilities to fulfill their respective roles, working together to ensure the patient’s health and wellness. We do not just employ anyone; we make sure that they are the right ones for the job.

Hayven Home is able to constantly provide exceptional care to our patients due to the industry-leading professional care team that we have. Our team is composed of:

Medical Director

Suman Patel, MD

Suman Patel, MD specializes in internal medicine and has over 40 years of experience in the field of of health care.

Dr. Patel received his medical degree from the University of Baroda in India and completed his residency in internal medicine at Grant Hospital in Chicago, Illinois and Polyclinic Medical Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Patel is affiliated with a number of hospitals including Valley Presbyterian, Mission Community, and Providence Holy Cross.



Ayke Dzhragatspanyan, Pharm. D.

Dr. Ike’s Pharmacare has 24/7 service, a dedicated delivery team, specially trained pharmacists and technicians, and very competitive prices. What makes them different is: they care!

“We care about our patients, we care about the facilities and the nurses, we care about the hospice agency and the case managers, we care about the detox patients and their families, we care about the deliveries and our staff will be there with a smile and compassion for whatever needs you have… after all, we do have one of the highest patient satisfaction scores in California for our service!”

Director of Nursing

Kristine Gonzales, BSN RN

Kristine oversees our patient care team to ensure patients and their loved ones experience the proper treatment based on their individualized plan of care from the moment they are evaluated and even after they have been discharged from our facility. Kristine manages to ensure every member contributes to their expertise to fulfill the care needs of our patients.

“I am proud to bee a part of the Hayven Home team. Our interdisciplinary team works in a collaborative spirit to meet the needs of patients and families in the San Fernando Valley community.”



Maria Serrano

Maria oversees the operatrions of our facilities. Her leadership and decision-making skills, coupled with her passion to serve patients in the healthcare industry, fuel us to provide the best care possible for our patients according to their unique needs.


Respiratory Therapist

Ronda Olson, RT

Venilators aid patients with one of the most important activity for survival – breathing.

Ronda is our 24/7 respiratory therapist who manages all respiratory admissions to determine the appropriateness of the prescribed respiratory care for all Tracheotomy/Ventilator Patients.


Our Nurses

and Nurse Assistants

At Hayven Home, nursing is dedicated to meeting the needs of our community by offering quality care through caring, effective communication and evidence-based practices.

Our nursing staff works as a team to deliver the highest level of care and service possible for every patient, and their family members. Our nursing model is rooted in relationship-based care, and our goal is to primarily empower each patient- and their loved ones – to be actively involved in their individualized plan of care.

Our nurses also work to promote trust and transparency in the environment of care, helping each patient to feel safe and comfortable.