Sub-Acute • Skilled-Nursing • Post-Trauma

All Staff are Fully Vaccinated!

All Staff are Fully Vaccinated!

All Staff are Fully Vaccinated!

Hayven Home

16243 Chase St.
North Hills, CA 91343

Patient Services

We are a step down from the hospital. We have 24/7 nursing staff who have years of hands on experience with sub-acute patients.

Our goal is to prevent re-hospitalization and maintaining baseline of our clients.

24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care​

24-Hour Respiratory Practitioner

Physician Services

Lab & Diagnostics

Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy

Social Work Services

Dietary Services

Certified Home Health Aides


Medical Equipment & Supplies

Care and Management

We bring on board specialists such as respiratory practitioners and wound care specialists to accommodate each patients needs accordingly.

Ventilator Care

Tracheostomy Care

Extensive Wound Care & Management

IV Maintenance & Care (PICC)

Ostomy Care

Bariatric Care

Feeding Tub/Peg Tube Care

Nephrostomy Care

Chest Tube Care

Urinary Catheter Care

Patient Demographic

We treat people of all ages, who suffer from illness or injury, including:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Neuromuscular Disorders

Pulmonary Injury

Spinal Cord Injury

Congenital Anomalies

Cerebrovascular Accident

Bariatric Patients

Patients with Extensive Wounds

We work with Major Health Plans and Hospitals

We work with a variety of Payers, from MEDI-CAL, to worker’s comp to commercial insurance and others- and in virtually every instance, we save the Payer approx. 50% when compared to acute care.

For more information and tour of our facilities, please call to schedule an appointment.

We are a preferred provider with Kaiser Permanente, L.A. Care, Blue Shield Promise, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, and Adventist Health.


We Are All Vaccinated!

We take pride in every member’s qualifications, experiences, and capabilities to fulfill their respective roles, working together to ensure the patient’s health and wellness. We do not just employ anyone; we make sure that they are the right ones for the job.

Hayven Home is able to constantly provide exceptional care to our patients due to the industry-leading professional care team that we have.

Our Mission Statement

Your Health Matters to Us

Our mission is to provide a quality, sophisticated post-acute care alternative for ill and injured patients of all ages.

Congregate living facilities provide one of the following services.


Services to persons who are mentally alert, physically disabled, who may be ventilator dependent,


Services for persons who have a diagnosis of a terminal illness, a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, or both. Terminal illness means the individual has a life expectancy of six months or less as stated in writing by his/her attending physician and surgeon. A “life-threatening illness” means the individual has an illness that can lead to a possibility of a termination of life within five years or less as stated in writing by his/ her attending physician and surgeon. Ex: Eating disorders


Services for persons who are catastrophically and severely disabled. A catastrophically and severely disabled person means a person whose origin of disability was acquired through trauma or non-degenerative neurologic illness, for whom it has been determined that active rehabilitation would be beneficial and for whom these services would be provided. Services offered by a CLHF to a catastrophically disabled person shall include, but not be limited to, speech, physical, and occupational therapy.


standards are found in H&S Code, Section 1267.13. In addition to these standards, CLHFs are required to conform to CCR, Title 22, skilled nursing regulations, except for those sections or portions of sections specified in H&S Code, Section 1267.13(n). (These requirements in subsection 1267.13 (n) are so specific to skilled nursing facilities; CLHFs were exempted from compliance with these sections.)