Our Services & Specialties

Why Valley Grace Home Health?

Our congregate living is a residential home within a framework of state-of-the-art technologies and services.

Our mission is to provide a quality, sophisticated post-acute care alternative for ill and injured patients of all ages.

We provide short term, long term, and life care programs with 24-hour skilled nursing and rehabilitation coverage. We consider every individual and therefore every patient, a life with dignity, a life that has the ability to get better and better.

In addition to room and board, some typical service include-physician service, rehabilitation nursing care, professional rehabilitation therapy services, nutritional service, and ancillary services such as pharmacy, lab, radiology, diagnostics, and durable medical equipment. Our skilled nursing staff is trained staff is trained specifically in treating the medically complex patient, providing IV infusion services, and ventilator/tracheotomy support.

Valley Grace Home is a quality, customized alternative to hospitalization, nursing home placement, and home nursing care. This dramatic difference is immediately apparent the moment you walk through our doors. Our facilities are actually a home nestled in a residential community. They have a fully equipped kitchen, entertainment areas, and a fully landscaped backyard that promotes outdoor therapeutic activities. Patient rooms are tastefully decorated and individualized to each resident.

Accompanying this cozy atmosphere is a sophisticated unit to provide specialized care for patients who have suffered illness and injury. These individuals include patients who require tracheotomy and gastrointestinal tubes, which have ventilator and oxygen dependence needs, as well as those with intravenous (IV) therapy requirements. You will find amenities not found in traditional sub-acute settings. Our staff has unparalleled expertise in providing high quality medical management and restorative care to individuals with complex conditions. This care is delivered in a home-like environment that is unique in the industry, resulting in fewer re-hospitalization discharges and greater improvement in our patient quality of life.

If you’d like more information about us, kindly get in touch with our staff today.